Harley – Los Angeles, CA

“My 16 year-old cat Harley, was becoming very lethargic, his hair was getting greasy and stringy, he had no appetite, moaned when he jumped on the bed, and was very skittish. He also has a benign tumor on his side. CBD eliquid Frustrated, I researched cannabis for pets/cats and decided to try VET-CBD after talking to customer service who reassured me that the product was full plant extracted CBD that had been decarboxalated. VET-CBD is easy to measure and I mix it with a small amount of wet cat food to make sure he finishes the dose. After just 24 hours, I saw a change in Harley’s behavior! He was happy, energetic, and started eating. After just three days, the change was incredible to observe. His fur began to fill out, he rarely moans when he jumps, is playful, and actually became curious and lets strangers approach and pet him! He is always hungry and has started gaining weight! I’ve been using VET- CBD for almost a month and it appears that the tumor has gotten smaller. grape glacier Harley is an all-around happier and healthier cat!”

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