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9 Reasons Why Listicles Still Work

byCharlotte Otremba |Mar, 2019 |Content

Admit it…You’ve read at least ONE listicle today. Of course you have! The listicle has gone through a few reputation iterations in its short lifespan, from new and flashy to overdone and mocked to…a pillar of blogging content. Say what you will, the listicle offers a chance for readers to digest a lot of information quickly and easily. If your content marketing strategy needs a littlesomethingto jazz it up, write a listicle! You’re an expert in something, we guarantee it!

Marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI (Source:HubSpot)

Listicles are a small time investment, and if the content is bad, the reader hasn’t wasted more than two or three minutes (Fire Brand Group).43% of readers skim blog posts, anyway (HubSpot).

It’s true. I mean… talk about clickibility. I can be an expert in a subject in just ten steps? There are ten reasons why this is the right strategy for my business? 5 Reasons why flamingos are the smartest birds? (Don’t know if that’s true, but I’d read it.) Boom (Proponent Agency).

They break up the complex ideas into bite-size pieces that readers can understand more easily. Here\’s Why We Love Slutty Lingerie (and you should too!)As Maria Konnikova ofThe New Yorkersays:“They create an easy reading experience, in which the mental heavy lifting of conceptualization, categorization, and analysis is completed well in advance of actual consumption.”

It’s true. In a world of so many choices, a list is finite, reassuring, and predictable. Hold Up Stockings provide a level of certainty in an uncertain world. You know what you’re going to read and you know what you’ll learn from it. Done. (Journal of Risk and Uncertainty.)

It’s Womens Briefs to share information about your brand or business withoutsellingit. For example, “10 Solutions to Staying Hydrated This Summer” offers a chance for a water bottle brand to be more thanjusta water bottle brand. They’re now experts in hydration.

You can remember what number you’re on! That’s why they are perfect for a mid-work reading break…and why so many readers choose to read them.

Have lots of suggestions about a topic that everyone wants to know about? Or maybe a topic that has more than one (brief) analysis possibility? Maybe you’re not into commitment? Listicles are the perfect, multi-answer breakdown!(Fire Brand Group)

…. That’s right. They outperform even ones by 20% (CMI). So we’ll stop at 9 ;).